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Rosalidia Dubon- Marketing and Branding

Rosalidia Dubon is a successful Latina entrepreneur and a marketing consultant who has helped several people to expand their ideas and businesses.

Her passion is to train individuals to earn money from their ideas and advise small businesses to expand and grow. 

Her clients express great pleasure in working with her, as she is very creative, energetic and easy to understand. Her positive attitude and leadership skills provide clarity and confidence within her clients to achieve their desired goals.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Marketing and training in operations management, integrated marketing communications, business-to-business marketing and international business strategies.

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Dr. Nick Valenzuela- Strategic Planning and Business Development

A graduate of Stanford University with a Doctorate in Communications, he is known for his ability to help define the steps necessary to achieve results, which he attributes to the success of his clients. His extensive experience in tutoring and training with cross-cultural clients has led Dr. Nick to position himself as one of the leaders in his category.

Dr. Nick has made different strategic plans using market analysis for several high-level companies in different industries, which have been mentioned in “Fortune” magazine. He has also conducted media consumer research for corporations and government organizations as well as public and education sectors.

dr. valenzuela's skills at work

Consultant at:

Latino Business Action Network- Stanford University

Reaching for the Stars Foundation

Entrepreneurship Lab- Stockton

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center


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